Our Services

Package work (Turnkey)

Package work refers to the practice of combining several trades under a single entity or contract. In the case of concrete, the most commonly scoped items for a package include the following, which when combined, yield a complete structural “package” deal for the project:

  • Formwork
  • Flatwork place and finish
  • Concrete pumping/conveying
  • Reinforcing steel (mild and post-tension) supply and install
  • Supply and place concrete
  • Structural excavation, backfill and compaction
  • Supply hoisting cranes (tower, crawler, all-terrain/hydraulic, forklifts)
  • Supply/install concrete masonry units, masonry reinforcement and fill cell grouting including supplying grout pump.
  • Miscellaneous scope items such as soil treatment, vapor retarder supply/install, concreting metal pan stairs, grouting of steel column baseplates, etc.



An important component of Liberty Conshor’s services is our ability to provide in-house masonry services to our clients. Many concrete contractors do not provide masonry as part of their package. With this additional capability, Liberty Conshor can take advantage of seamless coordination between the concrete and masonry trades so reinforcing dowels, dovetail anchor slots, and fill cell cones are exactly where the mason needs them to be.

In the event Liberty Conshor is unable to self-perform the masonry, management staff from our masonry division will be on site to ensure the same quality, safety and efficiency we expect from our own people, including facilitating coordination with the concrete team.


In-house formwork detailing

Liberty Conshor’s detailing department provides the majority of formwork, shoring, and layout drawings (from control lines) for use in the field. Our experienced personnel painstakingly review the construction documents for errors, constructability issues, and conflicts, so the structure can be built per the contract documents the first time. The level of detail found in our shoring drawings far exceeds the industry average and provides the field all of the information required to erect the formwork efficiently and safely. Additionally, the detailers work very closely with the yard manager to ensure maximum reuse of our own formwork and shoring equipment, resulting in cost savings. Liberty Conshor provides shoring drawings, reshoring drawings and installation inspection letters signed and sealed by a registered professional engineer .



Liberty Conshor’s preconstruction/estimating team thoroughly reviews the construction documents, specifications, scope, and schedule requirements for each project chosen for estimation, so that the most accurate, compliant bid proposal can be submitted to the general contractor(s). The extensive use of estimation software streamlines the process, allowing the staff to produce estimates that are complete in every aspect. Our preconstruction team works hand-in-hand with general contractors and designers to ensure that their needs are being met throughout the preconstruction process.

When it comes to budgeting of concrete structures, Liberty Conshor excels, even when given the most rudimentary preconstruction documents. Liberty Conshor has years of experience in concrete construction and a wealth of knowledge of all the components necessary to construct buildings of varying size and complexity. General contractors and owners benefit from accurate budgets that are  updated continually as the design progresses, helping eliminate unwanted budget surprises.